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The past two weeks have been a whirlwind! June 1st found me sitting in Birth Boot Camp Doula Training in Midland, Texas. It was such an empowering three days. My career in birth work was really solidified during those classes. I learned so much about marketing and network and gave myself time to rest and relax. Going from 24/7 with my kids being home to sitting in a hotel room by myself and free to do what I wanted, when I wanted was a welcomed change of pace. Since there's not a lot to do in Midland, I was able to watch some BBC videos and recharge my batteries. That 5 hour drive home was a beast. I was ready to see my people and get to work!

The training consisted of a lot of hands on experience. I was lucky enough that my classmate, Robmikia, is in training to be a massage therapist and she gave me the best hand massage. We were able to speak freely and share our experiences and really bond. I am really glad that she was there because when the business side of things was being discussed, I was a bit lost. Our trainer, Hailey, took the time to really go through things and answer all of our questions, whether it be birth or business.

So, now I am an officially certified doula with Birth Boot Camp. This week will be my three day training to be a certified childbirth educator. I can't wait to serve the women of Round Rock?

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