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Ok, friends. We have gained a four footed family member! Mr Bowie is a 9 week old terrier mix puppy. He is the best little sleeper, we usually put him in his kennel around 1030 and he's been sleeping in there until between 4 am and 630 am. His newest "trick" is to go back to sleep in bed with me, sometimes until 9 am! We've had very few accidents and he hasn't eaten anything he isn't supposed to (so far). We love this little guy.

Time is really getting close for my doula training in Midland! I am really getting excited. The information packets have been mailed out. The schedules have been emailed to attendees. I'm making plans for how to make my hotel home safe for the week. Blankets, pillows, trashbags, Lysol. I had been a little nervous about leaving my safe bubble, but as time approaches and plans solidify... I'M GETTING EXCITED! I can't wait to make connections and have some alone time. I'm ready!

I mailed in my application for a DBA to register my business name with the state. Notarized and mailed out yesterday. It's getting real!!

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