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Firecracker Baby

When you're 5 or 6 years old, sometimes you don't realize how quickly your life can change.

When you're 5 or 6, you dont realize what you're missing until you have it.

When you're 5 or 6, you don't remember all the details.

59 days before I turned 6 years old, my sister, Lauren Monet, was born. I don't really remember life before she was here. I don't remember a lot of the details surrounding her birth. I've heard the stories so much that my brain thinks it remembers. What I do remember is going to McDonalds while she was being born. I remember wearing my favorite turquoise and pink Bambi dress. I remember the purple bassinet my mom made for her homecoming.

Today is my sister's birthday. July 4th has never been the same since she arrived. As a kid, she was absolutely convinced that the fireworks were for her. We didn't dispute this. We went to the parade in our town every year. Sitting on the curb waiting for the floats that threw the "good candy" and waving our tiny American flags. We ate burgers off the grill, played with sparklers and stayed up late. This year things in the world are weird. There may not be fireworks. But there will be sparklers and I'm sure she will whip up a beautiful cake.

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