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Dad's Turn!

Danny is a low key kinda guy. He isn't into getting presents or doing anything fancy. Treats for his birthday or Father's Day usually revolve around food and hanging around outside. So, this morning, Annie and I got up and made him homemade waffles. Annie had sundae waffles in mind with chocolate syrup and whipped cream, but Danny is a purest- a little butter and maple syrup for him. He did a little pool repair and a little turtle tank cleaning while I cooked lunch later on in the day. Pork tenderloin with veggies were up. He's a pretty easy guy to please. Now you'll find the Man of the Day just lounging around outside. Cold beer in hand, music on the radio.

We've gotten into the tradition of getting him a t shirt and putting the girls' handprints on the back with the year. I think we've been doing this for 5 years now. It's so neat to see how they grow from year to year. However. This year, Annie's hand has gotten so big that it takes a lot of paint to cover and when we pressed it down onto the shirt, it soaked thru!! Danny didn't mind. "It gives it character."

See the little spots on the front? Darn it!

Annie is on the top and Jane is on the bottom. <3 2020

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