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When I embarked on the Birth Boot Camp journey I was, to be honest, just excited to attend births and support women in a most precious time. Now, I've fully come to realize that not only will I be doing what I LOVE, but I am also totally a Boss Babe. This week has been a lot of work for me. Work that I am not completely comfortable with, but have a new found confidence doing. I created and published a website. I created my first meme. I created a business FACEBOOK page ( And I kept my family together doing fun summer outdoor activities and doing a little bit of learning on the way. I've bought materials and made big plans. I am so excited! I am officially putting it out there that I am ready to attend births as a doula and pretty soon, I'll be ready to advertise for my CBE classes as well. Training is in 2 weeks! It's getting really real and I am really ready!!

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