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April Showers

As with everyone across the globe, my family has been on lockdown in our home for the past several weeks. I am a very lucky lady because my girls are happy to do their schoolwork and go outside to play. They have been exploring our neighborhood creek and riding their bikes, only coming home for lunch and dinner. Danny works from home and its nice to be able to pop in and have quick little chats. With all the time in between dishwasher and laundry loads, I've been able to read and finish my CBE and Doula certification requirements. My workshops are in June, one in Midland and the other in College Station. Of course, those workshops are a little up in the air because of the group size limits and my concern about driving far/staying in hotels/eating at public places in general. I'll be happy with whatever my awesome BBC trainers decide is best. I am so excited for what is coming in the future. I've been making a little bit of a plan and time line for the future.

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