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A Day For Mothers

Hey friends! I wasn't able to post yesterday because I was being loved by my sweet family. I decided that with all this work I've put in the past weeks with everyone at home 24/7, this wouldn't be your run of the mill Mother's Day. This would be Mother's WEEKEND. And they didn't fail me. I didn't cook a meal, but was served breakfast in bed. I didn't clean up. We watched Gone With the Wind as a family, sat by the pool and got take out from Palermo's Pasta House. It was so nice. The kitchen was clean for about an hour and a half and when it wasn't clean anymore, I just walked away. I was showered with gifts- 2 lounge chairs for pool side sitting, a beautiful bees wax candle and a book.

We've had some updates for the workshops in June. Everything is a-go as was planned. I'll be heading to Midland on June 1-3 for Doula training and to College Station June 13-15. I'm excited to finally meet in person the women who have helped carry me through all of this work at home.

Today I felt like doing a little more birthy homework and Gail Tully (of Spinning Babies fame) had a shoulder dystocia workshop on sale for Mother's Day, so I took advantage of that. It was so refreshing to be able to spontaneously hop on and do a quiz about birth and get all the answers correct the first time.

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