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Lacey was my doula for the birth of my second daughter and my first unmedicated birth. She supported me throughout my pregnancy and was by my side during labor. Her knowledge and passion gave me the confidence I needed to accomplish the birth I had been dreaming of. Having Lacey as part of my birth team helped make my birth experience the best I could hope for.


I've known Lacey for many years and have had the pleasure of attending many births with her. She is an exceptional birth doula; not only is she skilled and intuitive, but she brings a warmth and humor that is uniquely Lacey. Her dedication to birth and supporting families has been a defining feature of her care of the years. I could not recommend her highly enough!

-Kristy, CPM

Lacey was my mom’s neighbor when I found out I was pregnant and alone at 39. Thinking this may be my only opportunity, I was determined to have a baby as a single mom with my mom as my partner. We attended birthing classes together, and while I appreciate all that my mom did to assist me, her best advice was to hire Lacey as my doula. The plan was a home birth at my mom’s but my son came 6 weeks early and my midwife advised that I go to the hospital. I was furious because I equated hospital births with cesarean sections and I was not about to allow that!

Lacey dropped everything and headed to Medical City Plano to meet me. Our nurse was fantastic in that she left us alone except to do her check in rounds and was very supportive of our labor process. The doctor was the one on call and I was very strict with him about what I wanted and didn’t want. He made sure to include all of it in his medical notes that I had the pleasure of reading later.

I had a birthing ball that I spent most of my time sitting on and leaning over the side of the bed. Lacey was quick to remind me to get up and use the bathroom regularly, which I would not have done without her prompting. The pain of the contractions was in my lower back and Lacey spent much of her time pushing her fists into the contractions to relieve me. I believe that she spent as much time doing physical work as I did!

This was actually one of the reasons I chose her over another doula I had interviewed. Because I was single, I wanted someone to be able to assist me the way a husband would with the physical support. Lacey is tall and strong in stature and I could put all of my weight upon her when needed. She truly took the brunt of my burden throughout the process.

At one point, the pain was such that I was saying, “No, no, no, no,” and she replied with, “yes, yes, yes, yes,” which was reassuring that Yes, I could do this! And we did! Bodhi was born naturally in the hospital without a change of staff (timely) and with no issues other than his premature status. I could not have done as well as I did without Lacey’s support. I have since recommended doulas as the only way to give birth regardless of how much family support you have with you. An outside person whose role is to empower the mother throughout the birthing process is an incredible gift during such an intense time.



I had the privilege of spending 3 fun days with Lacey training her to be a Birth Boot Camp childbirth educator. Her deep love of birth and dedication to women are so apparent in everything she says. She has a strong birth background and knowledge base that will serve her doula clients and students well. She is fun and kind and does not bring her own birth agenda into other’s birth plans. She truly wants to support families in the type of birth they invision for themselves. I am thrilled Lacey decided to join the Birth Boot Camp ranks! She’s an asset to our company as a whole and to her community. I give Lacey and Breathe Deep Birth 5 SOLID stars!

-Cheryl, BBCI

Lacey has a WEALTH of knowledge and experience! Absolutely recommend!

-Hailie, BBCI, BBCD